Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Happy Place

Buck CreeK Horse Ranch
Our Happy Place

A little place of escape from the big world of life. Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things. For us it has been family togetherness and living here at our Buck Creek Horse Ranch.

A few years ago we were living in the city limits and our kids were young and we had a small house. As they grew bigger we found that our little house in town was quickly becoming smaller. My wife(Lana) decided that it was her goal to someday have a horse to enjoy and give the kids something we could do together as a family. Of course living in town meant we would have to board our horse, and in time, we ended up having more horses.

This is when we decided that we needed to move to a new place where we could keep our horses with us in the country. For a while we thought that we might never find a place affordable, but finally a small property south of us became our best prospect. All of sudden things started happening fast and we made an offer on the property. At the same time, we made a deal with someone that wanted our house in town. So with two house deals being made and arrangements for moving, we found it was best to get out of town to allow the new owners to move into our old house. Only problem was that after we left our home in town, we found out the woman in our new place needed more time to move as her next home was not finished being built.

Oops! Now we were homeless! So with the help of Lana's sister from Noble Estate Vineyard, we moved into her motorhome and parked in the local RV campground and set-up to live for about 3 weeks. Now we learned what being a close family really was. There were five of us and a homeless teenager we had taken in during his time of need. Total count: two adults, four kids, three cats and a dog. Those three weeks dragged on and on, but finally the day came that were able to move into our new home in the country and it was all worth the wait.

We finally made it! This is our Happy Place. Just enough land to keep our horses and enjoy living in the country.

Lana has always been a Quarter horse lover and we started our ranch with a mixture of breeds. But our latest venture is Norwegian Fjords. We did not know much about the Fjord horse, but Lana's close friend Amy convinced us to buy a Fjord mare that was soon to have a foal. Thank-you very much to Amy (and Catherine Lassesen of Hestehaven in Days Creek, Oregon) for helping us purchase such a wonderful breed of horse. So now we are home of the Buck Creek Fjords. We also are currently boarding Amy's Fjords and so we have many Fjords at our ranch.

So life here has been wonderful at our little ranch. This is our Happy Place in the big world, and no matter what, we have a safe place for our kids and horses to live and enjoy the quiet time away from the busy hustle and bustle of every day life of the working world. Our belief is that family togetherness is the best way to raise kids. The Norewgian Fjord is a perfect family horse and we love our Fjords as if they were our kids. They have a warm and friendly manner about them that grows on you and all they want in return is your attention.

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