Monday, December 15, 2008

First Snow Day

Wow! We got our first big snow of the year. Most of the time the snow we get is wet and melts fast, but today it is really cold. Looks like it might stay awhile too. Thank goodness the Fjords have thick winter coats on already. They are built to be able to handle long cold winters. We have to put blankets on some of the other horses that are older and don't have thick natural coats.

Our red horse in the picture at right is a quarterhorse/missouri foxtrotter named Josie. She is the queen of the herd. So when anything goes on around the ranch she is right there to oversee things. She is like a protective guard dog and watches over all the other horses and they all respect her and acknowledge that she is Boss. Its interesting how horses will establish a leader among themselves. Josie has always been the leader no matter what horse we have at our place. She has even protected some of the weaker horses when being picked on by another one.

I see that I have a new follower of my Blog. Welcome Tillie! Thanks for being interested in my notes and pictures.( Say hello to Amy) The kids have been busy decorating the house for Christmas and it looks great. Even have the tree up and decorated too. With all the new snow we had last night, it really looks like christmas is soon to be here. They were really excited this morning when schools closed and they got to stay home.

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