Monday, December 8, 2008

Fuzzy Fjords

The weather is definitely turning cold and our Fjords are getting their winter coats on. These pictures are of Elisie, mother of our two young Fjords. As you can see she has her long fur coat on. She looks pretty shaggy right now. Soon we will have to bring out the scissors and give her a haircut. We have other kinds of horses at our ranch (quarter horses) but they don't grow winter coats anywhere near as thick and long as the Norwegian Fjords. We got into Fjords through our close friend Amy, and she is a part time hairdresser/stylist and Fjord owner. We like to kid around and joke about how we are the only ranch family that both we, and our horses, have the same hair stylist. LOL!!

Thanksgiving is gone by and now its time for the countdown to Christmas. Time to start digging out the christmas decorations. Our son Jeffrey is getting excited about setting up the tree and putting up lights. Some day when our young Fjords get old enough, we are looking forward to training them to pull a hay wagon and then we can give people wagon rides at christmas time and other holidays.

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