Saturday, January 3, 2009

One word Motto

Find happiness and learn to live with others.

Many people in the world today try to find true happiness and sometimes this can be an uphill
battle in every day life. From my experience as a supervisor who deals with employees every day,
there is only one thing I need to remember to make life and work easier. There are so many
tips and tricks to guide you, that in time it is hard to focus when adversity comes your way.
In the hustle and bustle of life we can sometimes get caught up in day to day activity and
we lose track of what is really important to us and the life we lead.

One simple and always effective tool in interacting with those around you, is to Smile when ever
possible. It is a hard task to accomplish but can be the most rewarding with very little effort.
It is amazing how much a simple smile can change the attitude of you and co-workers. Even family members can benefit from the joy a smile brings. In this time of trouble and bad news from the media, we need to be more dependent on our family and friends to weather the storm. Find strength in the home and family.

Throughout world history the family unit has been the basic tool for survival and support.
Sometimes a family unit can be in the form of a small community or tribe. We can read the history books and see that a close association with a family group or community has been the foundation of a successful life. At home we have family members, and in business we have co-workers. Both go hand in hand to help us be happy in day to day life. We must remember to value and cherish these people around us and be a spark of light to help make our world a better place.

So what is the one thing that is the top of the my list for true happiness? I have found one word
that has been my goal to always strive to achieve and so far has helped me tremendously. That word is Respect. If everyone were to remember this one word and learn what is the true meaning, we would have a near perfect world. If you can discover the true meaning of respect, all other areas of interacting with others will fall into place. My favorite movie may sound corny but it has helped me understand what is most important in life. Pollyana is a simple movie but has a profound message that I have come to treasure. If you look for the bad in people you shall surely find it. Why not look for the good instead. Respect goes hand in hand with this ideal.

True respect is not a two way street. If you show and exhibit respect to those around you, will find that you will lose the feelings of despair or unhappiness. If you demonstrate respect to someone, you do so with the idea that you will receive nothing in return. I know this is a hard concept to grasp but it is the true meaning of respect. It is like giving a person a gift and then expecting them to give it back when they are done. Even if you find someone is treating you in a bad way or they are difficult to be around, find it in your actions and attitude to still show them your respect. You will find it hard to believe, but in time that person will become infected with your frame of mind and will learn to respect you as well. Sometimes they might not want you to be aware, but in the back of their mind it will become a seed.

Respect and love are actually very closely related. If you strive to show true respect to those around you with no strings or conditions, you will find it hard to harbor feelings against them. In a sense you will be showing signs of caring or love for those around you. This is a great tool to bring people closer together and you become a beacon of light shining to those who are near you. So always look for the good in people and soon you will find it hard to be unhappy, and life will be a better place. If you practice the thoughts and actions of exhibiting true respect, you will find that in time, you will not be as concerned about what is wrong with those around you, but have a happier outlook in life and make the world a better place. Sometimes it is a constant struggle to remember to live by this one word motto, but I have found great success and happiness by striving to live by this goal. Try for yourself and see what you can accomplish for your everyday work and life.

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