Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Beautiful Fjord Elisie

Last weekend our daughter Karla threw a halter and lead rope for reigns on Elisie and rode around the house and yard. Elisie is such a wonderful Fjord horse and I had to take lots of pictures to show her off. Unfortunately we are having a hard time with paying the bills and so we have her up for sale. I hate to sell her, but she is worth a lot of money and we have no choice but to try and let some horses go to get through tough times. Secretly I hope nobody buys her but if it happens it will be a good thing too. We still have our two young Fjords that in time will be good for riding, but Elisie is one of a kind and I will miss her. Its not many horses that you can let your kid ride with just a halter and lead rope and bareback.

Here is Karla down at our driveway entrance under the Arch. (My favorite picture of our Ranch)
Karla riding into the front yard of our house.
Another close up of Elisie with young Fjord Tallak in the background.
Finally a shot of our son Jeff posing with our little pooch Emily.


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