Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jeffy's Friend rides a Fjord

Recently our son Jeff had friends over to play and we saddled up horses and let them have fun riding around. Our fjord Elisie is so good with the kids that all we did is put a halter on her and tied off the lead rope for reins and let them ride. Didn't even need a bridle. With inexperienced kids riding, it is easier on the horses mouth when they pull hard on the reins or try to turn so we just use the halter. The boys had a great time riding and Elisie was a perfect Fjord as usual.

Our oldest daughter Karla also rode our Missouri Fox trotter/Quaterhorse named Josie. That is my wife's favorite and Josie is the queen of the ranch. All the other horses know she is the boss. When ever there is any activity around the ranch Josie wants to be right there in the middle and see what is going on. She was the first horse we bought when we started our horse business and she will be the last to go. She is the surrogate mother of the Fjords and treats them like they were her own children. If anything around the property is going on she has to investigate to see if there is any danger close by just like a guard dog.

Now that summer is on its way, we hope to have more friends and family visit and have fun riding horses. When we want to go on long rides we load the horse trailer and head to the coast or other places that have horse trails. A close friend of ours has a ranch that he manages for his boss, and there is 900 acres to ride and we really enjoy going there.


Dav DiDi said...

Wow... Looks very fun ... I guess it must be very memorable to everyone

SleightGirl said... totally cute!