Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Horse Expo

This weekend was the annual Horse Expo in Albany, Oregon. We took our Norwegian Fjord, Elisie up for the three day event, and joined other Fjord owners to represent the breed. Each day of the expo the different breeds would have a one time show of their horses for the public to watch and learn. The rest of the time was spent hanging out in the main barn at the stalls, letting people walk through and see your horses up close and personal. We met lots of nice people and had fun visiting and showing off our Fjords. Many people loved to pet and talk to the horses and many commented on how gentle and cute our Fjords were. It is a perfect way for kids who do not normally get to see horses up close, be able to touch and learn about the different breeds of horses. Here below is a picture of Lana and Amy hanging out at our Fjord Booth.
A funny thing happened the first morning we were there, we could not get into the gate because we had not picked up our wrist bands to allow us to be let in the expo. So Lana called our friend Amy who was inside the gate, and told her that they would not let us in and we needed her to bring us our wrist bands. Only problem is Lana accidently called the wrong Amy from her cell phone and called our niece Amy who had no idea what in the world we were talking about. LOL Of course we did finally call the right Amy and she met us at the gate and we got in. We had a good weekend showing off our wonderful Fjord and met many new people and made some new friends.


Carol said...

Thanks for following me, I was drawn to the dog and child and read the article. It will be fun to follow you.

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by Carol. The boy is my son Jeff and our dog Kaylee. She is half black lab and half St. Bernard. She is the best dog ever.