Friday, November 28, 2008

Country music

Here is a video of the band I perform with. Between working and feeding horses I enjoy playing music with the band. This is at the local country fair last summer and I am singing an old Garth Brooks favorite, Two of a Kind(working on a full house).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Here it is ,time for the holiday season.
Hope everyone can spend time with family for Thanksgiving. We will be hosting my family again this year and looking forward to seeing everyone.

I live close to to my family but because I work so much, I just don't see everyone like I should. In this crazy fast paced world it is good to stop and remember what is important in life.

The weather is starting to change around here lately and is getting colder now. Our Norwegian Fjords are growing their winter coats and boy are they fuzzy! They even start to grow beards. They have a thick winter coat that allows them to do well in the extreme cold weather. When I get home from work every day I go out to feed them and they love to visit and get your attention just like a dog. Most people have horses to ride, but the fjords are so friendly and mild mannered that they end up being a pet to go out and visit.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello from Buck Creek Horse Ranch

Have you ever seen a Norwegian Fjord horse? We were lucky enough to puchase our first Fjord two years ago. I have been around horses all my life and now have become a huge fan of the Norwegian Fjord.
Our first Fjord (Elise) has been breed twice and now we have two more. One is a two year old colt and the other is a year old filly. They are more like family pets than just horses. Just like the family dog, they love attention and have a calm and peaceful manner about them. As you can see in the picture at right they love to help out around the house and offer a watchful eye whenever there is work to be done. Tallak is 2yrs and Nina is the one year old. Sometimes they act so much like pets, I think maybe if I threw a stick they might go fetch it.
My wife has always been a Quater horse lover, but even she admits that there is something about those Fjords that make you want to go give them a big hug.(Just like a Teddy Bear).