Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Time

Since we moved to the country 5 years ago, our kids have really missed being in town at Halloween and dressing up and handing out candy. They used to dress up scary and stand in the yard and pretend to be statues and scare the big kids as they came up to the door. Sometimes they would stand very still and as kids go by they would try to figure out if our kids were real or fake. This year we went to a friends house near our old neighborhood and our kids got to dress up and have some fun. Molly was a rock star.
Jeff was Indiana Jones. Karla was Strawberry Shortcake.Lana made a monster cake for Jeffy to take to his school party. It is actually a bunch of cupcakes put together and then she frosted them to look like the green monster and all the kids loved it.

Here we have Strawberry Shortcake and Ace Frehley, what a combination!